Councilman John Crompton

College Station City Council Place #1

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Neighborhood Integrity
Make Growth Pay for Itself

Crompton 65% (3,539 votes) - Dictson 35% (1,883 votes)

John Crompton sworn in for 3 more years on College Station City Council

1. Neighborhood Integrity: Provide neighborhoods with the opportunity and the tools to preserve and direct how their areas look and function.

2. Fiscal Conservatism: Those who benefit from services should pay for them.

3. Making Growth Pay for Itself: Current taxpayers massively subsidize new growth. That is not fair.

4. Alleviating Traffic Congestion: Supports creation of a dedicated fund for transportation and expansion of hike and bike trails

5. Enhance Attractiveness and Ecological Sustainability: John initiated the major "College Station Green" initative comprised of eight elements which will enhance the city's ecological sustainability.

 6. "High-End" Economic Development: Selective targeting at high tech and R&D companies, and affluent retirees.

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John Crompton's qualifications...

1) Successful Small Businessman - Started a successful small business (which grew to 25 full-time and 10 part-time staff) and taught in the Business School at TAMU for five years.

2) Vast Experience in Financing Government Services - A Distinguished Professor at TAMU who has written several texts on financing and marketing government services. He has been a consultant for literally hundreds of cities and states on the topic.

3) In-depth Knowledge of the Community - 34 years of active involvement in leadership positions in College Station in neighborhood, non-profit, and athletic organizations and with numerous city government committees.



Pol. Adv. Pd. for by John Crompton Campaign, Gary Halter, Treasurer