John Crompton

City Council Place #2
Neighborhood Integrity
Make Growth Pay for Itself
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1. Neighborhood Integrity: Provide neighborhoods with the opportunity and the tools to preserve and direct how their areas look and function.

2. Make Growth Pay for Itself

3. Enhance Attractiveness and Ecological Sustainability: ohn initiated the major "College Station Green" initative comprised of eight elements which will enhance the city's ecological sustainability.

4. Alleviating Traffic Congestion: Supports creation of a dedicated fund for transportation and expansion of hike and bike trails

 5. "High-End" Economic Development: Selective targeting at high tech and R&D companies, and affluent retirees.

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John Crompton's qualifications...

1) Successful Small Businessman - Started a successful small business (which grew to 25 full-time and 10 part-time staff) and taught in the Business School at TAMU for five years.

2) Vast Experience in Financing Government Services - A Distinguished Professor at TAMU who has written several texts on financing and marketing government services. He has been a consultant for literally hundreds of cities and states on the topic.

3) In-depth Knowledge of the Community - 45 years of active involvement in leadership positions in College Station in neighborhood, non-profit, and athletic organizations and with numerous city government committees.


Contributions to the City of College Station

In 2004, the City of College Station named a new 15.5 acre park on West Holleman Street, John Crompton Park, in recognition of "his dedication and service to the community."

Professional Contributions

John Crompton has received the top awards given by Texas A&M for each of its three missions.

Research: University Distinguished Professor, 2000

Teaching: Presidential Professor for Teching Excellence, 2011

Service: President H.W. Bush Award for Faculty in Public Service, 2004


Pol. Adv. Pd. for by John Crompton Campaign, Stephen Beachy, Treasurer