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Aggie Credentials

Aggie Credentials

  • Graduate of Texas A&M University, Class of '77.
  • Member of TAMU faculty for 34 years.
  • Distinguished Professor (DP) - approximately 50 out of the 2,800 TAMU faculty hold this rank. Elected by the DPs to the DP Executive Committee.
  • Mentored, befriended and counseled thousands of Aggies; received letters/cards/emails of thanks from hundreds of Aggie students.
  • Invested substantial personal financial resources to support Texas Aggie students.
  • Featured in the 2006-2007 Association of Former Students Calendar.

Recognized for excellence to TAMU by being awarded many honors including:

“Dr. Crompton's relationship with students can be described in many ways: nurturing, parental, empowering, critical, and intense. Most of us wouldn't have it any other way! The academic stuff we almost took for granted. Immersion in our academic lives was not sufficient, however. Dr. Crompton also played a key role in the personal lives of many of us. He relished pushing us hard on whatever endeavor was at hand and then took even greater pleasure in seeing us excel on our own; the hallmark of a great teacher.”

Comments by Jamie Rae Walker,
President of TAMU Graduate Student Council
at the opening of John Crompton Park on West Holleman Street



1) 2004 Bush Excellence Award for Public Service, presented personally by President George H.W. Bush ($2,500)

“In recognition of a history of exemplary public service and outreach programs of Texas A&M. The award recognizes Dr. Crompton's outstanding contributions to public service through sustained, long-term application of disciplinary expertise to the public and non-profit sectors in local, statewide, national and international arenas.”

2) Cintron University Professor for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence 2008 (3 year Professorship; award of $5,000 per year and $5,000 per year operational funds)

“John Crompton attends graduation ceremonies every semester. It is astounding that a person who has taught such a challenging senior class holds up the line as students hug him and say “Thank you – I will never forget you.” Whether they graduated 5 or 30 years ago, the Department's former students continue to talk about Dr. Crompton's impact with reverence and as an amazing learning experience that continues to influence their professional lives.”

3) One of four finalists for the 2006 Presidential Professor for Teaching Excellence Award ($10,000)

“The quality of education that students receive from these four nominees cannot be matched anywhere in the nation…what is remarkable is that while Dr. Crompton's career has advanced and grown so he is now a world-renowned scholar and a Distinguished Professor, his interest in students has not diminished, but flourished…Dr. Crompton's interest in students extends beyond their professional needs, as he maintains an extensive social network with all of those students and is interested in their personal well-being and families. Dr. Crompton's mentoring of students on campus is exceptional, and his continued involvement after they graduate unsurpassed.”

Dr. Robert Gates, President of TAMU, in a congratulatory letter added

“Your extraordinary service to students is admired by those you have taught as well as your colleagues in the university…You have set a standard for others to follow at this university.”

4) Association of Former Students University-Level Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching 2006 ($4,000)

“Dr. Crompton is one of the most significant scholars in the area of tourism and recreation in the world. His reputation as a prolific publisher is matched only by his commitment to influence teaching and learning. His contributions to research and service to the community are legendary, but it is his teaching that stands out for students. Dr. Crompton illustrates that there is a difference between gaining knowledge and developing the intellect, and he helps shape and expand students' intellectual development. Although he is known for his exhausting demands and as “a tough prof”, he is the epitome of an excellent teacher.

5) TAMU nominee for the 2006 Food and Agricultural Sciences Excellence in College and University Teaching Award

“This is an honor that denotes the high esteem that your colleagues have for your teaching expertise…Your credentials attesting to your teaching excellence and dedication are outstanding.”

6) The Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching, 1996 ($2,500)

“This award is the highest given to faculty by the Texas A&M agricultural program. Dr. Crompton is especially deserving of this honor because his mentoring approach encourages graduate students to become leaders in their profession. Dr. Crompton has received many external awards for his outstanding contributions as a researcher and scholar, but he is probably most highly regarded among his peers for the excellent job he does preparing graduate students. Each of his students is pushed to find a niche of expertise and become a dominant force in that area.”

7) The Association of Former Students University-Level Distinguished Award in Research, 2002. ($4,000)

“Dr. Crompton has been a key researcher in two relatively unique fields of research: tourism marketing and public park and resource management. Many consider him to be the single most influential researcher in both of these fields…Not only has he published extensively, but his work has substantially changed both research theory and professional practice…His creative cross disciplinary approach has spanned the public and private sectors, pioneering the introduction of new marketing concepts and applications…The name Crompton has become synonymous with the term marketing around tourism and park scholars and policy-makers worldwide.”

8) Designated a Senior Faculty Fellow of the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station 2005 ($4,000)

“In recognition of continued scholarly accomplishments and meaningful contributions to science through exceptional research, leadership and grantsmanship…Dr. Crompton is recognized as the most published scholar in the history of both the tourism and the parks and recreation fields. Over the past 15 years, his graduate students have dominated the field, as they continue to bring home recognition for best papers, best dissertations, and competitive scholarships from professional organizations.”

9) Designated a Faculty Fellow of the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station 2000 ($4,000)

  “In recognition of significant scholarly achievements and meaningful contributions to science through exceptional research, leadership and grantsmanship.”

*All the cash amounts accruing from these awards were donated to student scholarship programs.

Pol. Adv. Pd. for by John Crompton Campaign, Gary Halter, Treasurer