Friday, May 2, 2008

City council elections May 10, students encouraged to vote

Amanda Grosgebauer, a Battalion reporter, introduces the six men running for College Station city council

By: Amanda Grosgebauer

Issue date: 5/2/08 Section: News
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John Crompton

Distinguished Professor John Crompton, Class of 1977, took Mayor Ben White's place on the council one year ago. Crompton said that his service on the council "is the natural culmination to my 34 years of leadership on the campus and in the community."

Texas A&M's mission, Crompton relayed, is of service, teaching and research. He has received the top award in each of the three areas. Within the community, he has played a central role in developing some of College Station's most popular community amenities.

During his year serving in Place 1 of the council, Crompton has brought an environmental agenda to the forefront of the city's programs. This includes such initiatives as a tree preservation ordinance, a comprehensive water conservation agenda and integration of landscaping into new road projects.

"[I] launched the 'College Station Green' initiative," Crompton said, "which obligates the city to develop state-of-the-art environmentally friendly action plans for energy efficiency, water conservation, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, recycling and protection of open spaces.

"In the first year, we made remarkable progress on my platform agenda, but much of this reflects agreement with the principles. The key to the agenda's effectiveness will be in the follow-up action plans and ordinances," Crompton said. "I want to be re-elected to ensure this program's implementation will not be diluted by those who are opposed to it."

Along with his environmental commitment, Crompton said he hopes to bring bicycle trails to the city in an attempt to improve transportation problems facing College Station.

Crompton has been most recently criticized for his initial proposal of a housing ordinance that would limit the number of unrelated residents in one household, an ordinance which would affect students living off-campus.

Since the city report on March 27, Crompton said he "emphatically oppose[s]...the harmony associated with the Action Plan for Neighborhood Integrity, which all stakeholders agree is an excellent road map for moving forward."

The action plan Crompton supports includes increased enforcement of existing codes in the hours most often associated with neighbor complaints and a required rental registration for all citizens.

"There is no member of the present city council, or any candidate running for city council, who comes anywhere close to doing as much for Aggies as I have done," Crompton said. "My opponent and the other two so-called 'pro-Aggie' candidates literally have done nothing for Aggies. They have simply talked about what they might do for Aggies in the future, if elected."

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Jonathan '11

posted 5/02/08 @ 6:19 AM CST

Dear folks,
The Eagle declined, understandably, to run this letter since I had a recent column opposing the senior tax freeze. So feel free to pass it on. (Continued…)

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Aggie Voice

posted 5/02/08 @ 10:29 AM CST

Go Vote today monday or Tuesday. You don't need to wait until the 10th.

Early Voting info
Branch Location: Memorial Student Center, Room 138 (Near the MSC Hotel)
8:00 am to 5:00 pm May 1 -2, 2008
7:00 am to 7:00 pm May 5-6, 2008

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