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Tuesday, May 06, 2008
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Published Tuesday, May 06, 2008 4:49 AM

Letters for May 6

Citizens' paradigm

The voters of College Station are faced with two contrasting paradigms in the May 10 city Council elections. These are the CMS Citizens Paradigm -- emphasized by John Crompton, Dennis Maloney and Larry Stewart -- and the DGS Developers Paradigm -- as emphasized by Derek Dictson, Ron Gay and Chris Scotti. Both paradigms are perfectly legal, but with a somewhat different emphasis on various ethical principles.

The DGS Developers Paradigm comprises these underlying strategic themes:

• Maximize the short-term welfare and preferences of developers through increased infrastructure financial support of their projects and through relaxed development standards, but at the expense of taxpayers.

• Minimize community taxpayer support for community quality-of-life initiatives to enable further subsidies and transfer payments in support of developers' projects.

• Maximize economic growth with reduced regard for how the broader infrastructure and community quality-of-life requirements will be addressed through such growth.

• Roads should dominate all else in capital investment decisions regardless of the consequences.

• A focus on short-term and tactical community issues.

In contrast, the CMS Citizens Paradigm comprises these transparent strategic themes:

• Optimize the interests of all citizens with particular emphasis on protecting and enhancing neighborhood integrity.

• Maintain strong city support for current or new (as growth requires) community quality-of-life initiatives.

• Support strong economic growth, but with provisions to ensure that more of it equitably pays for the infrastructure and community quality-of-life needs triggered by it and on a timely basis.

• Roads are obviously a critical consideration in decisions, but they should not swamp that which makes for an admired community.

• A focus on long-term and strategic community issues.

Support the CMS Citizens Paradigm. Vote for John Crompton, Dennis Maloney, and Larry Stewart.


College Station

Great acclaim

Over the past 30 years, John Crompton's contributions to greening College Station have received widespread acclaim, culminating in the city naming John Crompton Park in his honor.

In one year on the city council, Crompton has been remarkably effective in bringing environmental issues to the forefront of College Station's agenda for the first time in its history.

He initiated the council's endorsement of the "Cool Cities" program, pledging the city to reduce its impact on global warming. Other initiatives Crompton launched are a dedicated tree-planting program, a policy of zero impact on development in floodplains, a tree conservation preservation ordinance, a comprehensive water conservation agenda, and intensive integration of street landscaping into road projects.

More importantly, Crompton launched the "College Station Green" initiative, which obligates the city to develop state-of-the-art environmentally friendly action plans for our city, including water conservation, recycling, protection of open spaces and green areas, and reduction of pesticides and fertilizer use.

The city council has appointed an expert residents' panel to guide staff in developing these action plans, which will be presented to the council in three months. Much of the agenda has been approved by the city council in principle only. Its effectiveness is dependent on how much of the plan is implemented.

Crompton's opponent is a developer and the development community will likely make every effort to scrap or dilute this program. Don't let them succeed. Re-elect John Crompton.


College Station

A better future

I think College Station has handled growth extremely well. I never have to wait for two or three traffic-light cycles. I never hear residents complain of heavy traffic in their neighborhoods or, on the other hand, the inability to get from point A to point B because of the lack of connectivity.

I never hear folks worry about their subdivision changing from a neighborhood of homeowners to a neighborhood of rental houses.

Oh, wait, I do experience and hear these things and that's why you and I should vote for candidates who also care about these issues: John Crompton, Larry Stewart and Dennis Maloney.


College Station



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Posted by: Seen Worse On: 5/6/2008

Comment Title: Spoiled
I have had to wait through 2 or 3 traffic light cycles a time or two while living here during peak traffic times and special events. If that represents traffic problems, we are spoiled.
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