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Saturday, May 03, 2008
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Published Thursday, May 01, 2008 6:52 AM

Letters for May 2

No consensus

Chris Scotti describes himself as a "consensus builder" on the College Station City Council. That is an ironic self-description, since his sole mission of late has evidently been to seed confusion and misinformation.

At a recent open forum, Scotti attempted to arouse the ire of student renters in residential neighborhoods against his opponent, Larry Stewart, by accusing Stewart of trying to limit the number of renters per household. As Scotti well knew, however, that entire issue was off the table, and had been for some time. Neither Stewart nor the sitting council was of the opinion that such a measure would address the problems experienced by neighborhoods with student and non-student renters.

In fact, when Larry was the president of his homeowners' association, he received legal advice that limiting the number of renters was not a good solution, and he agreed. He does agree wholly with the present council that there are ways to mediate problems with inconsiderate residents of all stripes (renters and non-renters alike) as long as we have good code enforcement.

Chris Scotti and Ron Gay, however, have been consistently equivocal about any measures that would put teeth into such enforcement.

These two candidates know that they enjoy very little support outside the development community, and are looking hard for a wedge issue -- a red herring -- to divide the community, not build consensus. They have worked diligently to build an alternate constituency on the campus, pitting the students against the neighborhoods in a classic town-gown dichotomy, which benefits nobody.

Please cast your votes for Larry Stewart, John Crompton and Dennis Maloney, three candidates with no ambitions beyond serving their community, and who value their own integrity as much as they value "neighborhood integrity," a key issue in this campaign.


College Station


The choice is stark

Last year, Derek Dictson spoke enthusiastically in favor of locating Weingarten Realty's Super Wal-Mart at Texas 6 and Rock Prairie Road. If the Weingarten development friendly members (Derek Dictson, Ray Gay and Chris Scotti) are elected to council, then Weingarten will probably get what it wants.

Dictson presents himself as president of Cove of Nantucket Homeowners Association. He is president only because he developed the subdivision. He was not elected. He lives in Pebble Creek.

For Dictson, a developer, and his development community supporters, his election to council is part of their business plan which requires massive subsidies be provided by taxpayers to developers and that as many regulations as possible relating to orderly development, neighborhood protection, growth control and ecological sustainability, be removed.

John Crompton's service on the council is the natural culmination of his more than 30 years of active leadership in College Station neighborhoods, non-profit and athletic organizations and numerous council committees.

For him, serving on council is a labor of love for which he incurs a substantial personal opportunity cost and no personal gain.

Dictson's list of endorsements is a veritable "Who's Who" of the community's real estate and development interests. The developers' position is that they build, take their profits and require taxpayers to pay much of the associated infrastructure costs. The city's existing infrastructure tax bill of $150 million was not caused by residents in established neighborhoods.

We didn't generate the need for new roads, new city hall, library expansion, community center, etc. But we, the existing neighborhoods, have to foot the bill.

The choice for Place 1 is stark. Dictson's agenda would promote continued subsidies and unfettered growth with development decisions being dictated by developers, many from outside our community, while John Crompton's agenda returns decision making to existing residents and neighborhoods,


College Station


Fear factor at work

I have listened to the rhetoric during the College Station council campaign of builders vs. neighborhoods, students vs. residents and growth vs. no-growth. The fear factor is being played with statements such as "you will lose your job," "rents will go up," "new residents won't be able to buy a home," etc. Please ignore these lies.

We need people on city council who can work as a team to find ways to bring our community together, to openly discuss policies to put forward a clear vision for our city, and to work to improve the lives of all citizens. Some on the current council aren't willing to move on if a vote doesn't go their way.

I may not agree with some of the positions of John Crompton, Dennis Maloney or Larry Stewart, but I know these men to be open, willing to listen and to have no personal agendas. They want what's best for the city. They would be a perfect fit with the rest of the council.

This is a pivotal race. We need to elect public servants who would make good long-term decisions, who would bring all stakeholders together, who would not drive away good city employees, and who could prepare our city for the future.

Please, join me in supporting John Crompton, Dennis Maloney and Larry Stewart.


College Station



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