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Monday, May 05, 2008
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Published Saturday, May 03, 2008 12:24 PM

Letters for May 5

A vast difference

I support John Crompton, Dennis Maloney and Larry Stewart for College Station City Council. These gentlemen support neighborhood integrity, planned growth with high-end economic development, and mitigation of traffic congestion. Considerable misinformation suggests that an anti-development agenda is shared by these candidates.

A vast difference exists between "anti-growth" and planned growth that maintains neighborhood integrity.

The three candidates opposing Crompton, Maloney and Stewart have platforms that are based largely on retail development. While retail development is certainly vital for the city, do College Station citizens want uncontrolled growth as has occurred in Houston?

Dictson has publicly supported the establishment of a Super Wal-Mart at the corner of Texas 6 and Rock Prairie Road. Four hundred residents spoke out against this plan two years ago at a city council meeting. At the same meeting, Chris Scotti and Ron Gay voted for the Wal-Mart proposal. Gay took the opportunity to lecture citizens about their narrow views on growth and traffic congestion.

Only 3,099 citizens voted in our last city election. This year, more than 2,300 students of Texas A&M have been rallied to vote largely on the issue of multiple unrelated individuals occupying a single family home. This issue has been resolved and no ordinance limiting the students was passed, although pro-retail candidates have continued to try to make this a large part of their platforms. Are the students aware that Dictson has such restrictions in his own housing development?

I fully support the political involvement of Aggie students, but I also encourage permanent residents to exercise their privilege to vote. I urge you to vote for John Crompton, Dennis Maloney and Larry Stewart.


College Station



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2 comment(s) found!

Posted by: HS On: 5/5/2008

Comment Title: Give me a break
What record did Ms. Seglem set straight? Dennis said at the KAMU forum that every cent from College Station that went to the Arts Council came from hotel-motel funds. He chided it as the biggest lie being told in town. Yet Ms. Seglem is saying "half of this money came from the hotel/motel tax that visitors to the city pay"? Which is it?
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Posted by: BW On: 5/5/2008

Comment Title: About time!
Ron Gay''s misinformation campaign is unbelievable! Thank you Ms. Seglem for setting the record straight.
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