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Neighborhood Integrity
Make Growth Pay for Itself

Platform: Fiscal Conservatism

Fiscal Conservatism

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The fundamental principle of fiscal conservatism is that those who benefit from services should pay for them. This philosophy permeates the previous five elements of my platform. I believe that by making growth pay for itself and revising the city's economic development policies, substantial savings in city expenditures and enhancements to the tax base will be forthcoming.

Fiscal responsibility extends beyond fiscal conservation to embrace transparency in financial matters, especially those relating to council members' actions.

Progress Report (June 2007 – Present)

1)  Initiated a requirement that financial reports of all city council election candidates should be posted on-line as soon as they are received.

2) Initiated limits on expenses, travel costs and conference costs incurred by city council members.

3) Initiated abolition of the council's policy of sponsoring tables at community events at the city taxpayers' expense.

4) Championed the acquisition of fiscal impact analysis software which will enable much more accurate projections to be made about the fiscal costs and benefits to the city imposed by specific development.

5)  Initiated meetings between the city council and College Station ISD to discuss the potential of joint projects.

6)  Moved to restore Arts Council funding after additional safeguards had been implemented to ensure financial proprietary.

7)  Initiated reduction of funds to “outside service organizations” from approximately $600,000 (FY 2007) to $127,000 (FY 2008). The council has no authority to allocate taxpayers' resources to non-city functions.

8)  Rejected staff proposal to fund a new city hall by selling other city land assets. Required that funding for this project be voted on at a referendum.

Proposed Future Agenda (2008 – 2011)

1)  Insist that those who benefit from services be required to pay for them.

2) Partner with the College Station independent School District to jointly invest and share in facilities rather than duplicate them. Potential joint projects include a performing arts center, athletics fields, libraries and gymnasiums.

Pol. Adv. Pd. for by John Crompton Campaign, Gary Halter, Treasurer